Wills / Probate

The first time that such a variety of Tasmanian records are available online, all from the same search, including Tasmanian Birth, Death and Marriage records. The Tasmanian Names Index Includes: Arrivals (19th Century). Passengers and ships arriving, mainly in Hobart. Contains surnames A-K, L-Z to be added. Births (1803-1933). People born in Tasmania including some Read more

Images and index for probate records from Archives New Zealand. The records were created by various courts throughout New Zealand. Although the index will contain entries up through 1998 when all images have been captured, the images for probates issued during the past 50 years are unavailable for viewing. The original records are located in Read more

A genealogy site of the town and surrounding area of Bandon, Co Cork, Ireland. The site contains: Churches & graveyards/inscriptions Parish Records Bandon Marriages – 1847-1862 Wills & Abstracts Maps of townlands Townland Descriptions Bandon family trees links The Bernards of Castle Bernard The Bernards of Palace Anne The Frekes of Castle Freke The Tresilian Read more

The Death Duty Registers 1796-1811 contain over 66,000 names of people who had a personal estate of over £20. Leases, freeholds and real estate were not liable to death duty so they don’t appear in the registers. What information do the records contain? Details included in these records include: date and place of death of Read more

Online index to Wills, Probate and Administration Records 1841-1925. The website will allow you to search for people who may have had estates that went through the probate process in the Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia. Visit Website Read more