Pembrokeshire Family History

  • Pembrokeshire Baptisms
    Explore more than 165,000 baptism records from Pembrokeshire, which stretch across centuries. Discover your ancestor’s baptism date and place and parents’ names.
  • Pembrokeshire Marriages and Banns
    Discover your Welsh ancestors through their banns announcements and marriage records from Pembrokeshire. The records may reveal your ancestor’s marriage date, marital status, age, residence, and parents’ names.
  • Pembrokeshire Burials
    Discover your Welsh ancestor in the Pembrokeshire burial records from 1592 to 1999. Explore over 150,000 records, and learn your ancestor’s death and burial dates, age at the time of death, parents’ names, and parish.
  • Pembrokeshire Electoral Registers, 1740-1978
    Search over 1 million registers which include details of names and addresses of those who were eligible to vote.
  • Pembrokeshire Hearth Tax 1670
    View the lists by parish, hundred and surname.
  • Pembrokeshire Historical Gazetteer
    Historical information about the towns, villages and parishes of Pembrokeshire.