Wakefield Burial Records

You can search and view Wakefield burial records for free. There are many cemeteries from the Wakefield area included. You can search by cemetery or name.

  • Altofts 2000-present
  • Alverthorpe 1955-present
  • Castleford (All Cemeteries) 1979-present
  • Castleford (New Extension) 1929-present
  • Castleford (New) 1884-present
  • Castleford (Old) 1857-present
  • Crigglestone 1882-present
  • Featherstone 1905-present
  • Ferrybridge 1924-present
  • Hemsworth 1896-present
  • Horbury 1897-present
  • Knottingley 1883-present
  • Normanton 1876-present
  • Outwood 1873-present
  • Pontefract 1859-present
  • Stanley 1886-present
  • Wakefield 1859-present

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