The Wales Collection

The Wales Collection is made up of records provided by The National Library of Wales and the Welsh County Archivists Group.

Currently the following records are available to search and view online:

Anglesey Banns
Anglesey Baptisms
Anglesey Burials
Anglesey Marriages
Caernarvonshire Banns
Caernarvonshire Baptisms
Caernarvonshire Burials
Caernarvonshire Marriages
Cardigan Banns
Cardigan Baptisms
Cardigan Burials
Cardigan Marriages
Carmarthen Banns
Carmarthen Baptisms
Carmarthen Burials
Carmarthen Marriages
Denbigh Banns
Denbigh Baptisms
Denbigh Burials
Denbigh Marriages
Flint Banns
Flint Baptisms
Flint Burials
Flint Marriages
Glamorgan Banns
Glamorgan Baptisms
Glamorgan Burials
Glamorgan Marriages
Glamorgan Marriages and Banns
Merionethshire Banns
Merionethshire Baptisms
Merionethshire Burials
Merionethshire Marriages
Monmouthshire Banns
Monmouthshire Baptisms
Monmouthshire Burials
Monmouthshire Marriages
Montgomeryshire Baptisms
Montgomeryshire Burials
Montgomeryshire Marriages
Pembroke Banns
Pembroke Baptisms
Pembroke Burials
Pembroke Marriages
Powys Banns
Powys Baptisms
Powys Burials
Powys Marriages

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