Surname Research

The how common (or rare) is your surname site uses the ONS (Office of National Statistics) database to bring you a ranking system of surnames for England and Wales. There are over a million surnames shared by 55.9 million people.

The Oxfordshire Surname Interest List is aimed at family historians and genealogists who are researching names in the English county of Oxfordshire. You can search for names and get results about the timeframe, place and how to contact the researcher. You can also add your own surname interests. Visit Website Read more

The Surname Society provides an online resource for members to publish details of their surname studies to the online world. No restriction is placed upon members either in regard to the number of surnames listed or the number of members researching a particular surname. Collaboration is actively facilitated and encouraged as the core ethos of Read more

An A-Z list of Essex surnames with contact information to request information and help. New surnames are added regularly.

The Yorkshire Surname List has almost 25,000 names listed in alphabetical order. It’s also possible to submit your surname to the list.

UK Surnames is a great place for surnames research in Britain. There are over 63,000 names listed.