Fife Family History


  • Fife Archives
    See what collections are available and how to view them.

Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials

  • Fife Death Index
    This index to deaths recorded in Fife’s old parish records includes deaths and burials from St Andrews and Edinburgh Testaments (from 1549 to 1823), sheriff court wills (1824-1854), Fife newspapers (1822-1854), kirk session account books for mortcloths not included in the old parish records, lair registers held at the National Archives (Kirk Session Records), and other sources.

Electoral Registers

  • Fife Electoral Registers 1914-1966
    Search names of over 1 million eligible voters. The registers can reveal where your ancestor lived and possibly some information about the property.


  • RootsChat Fife
    Ask a question about your Fife ancestors or just browse the previous posts to see info and links to help with your research.

General Family History



School Records