The National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance is an ongoing historical record of all British police officers, including those in service with Colonial or UK administered Forces overseas, who lost their lives in the line of duty, since the earliest days of professional law enforcement over three centuries ago.

The Honour Roll commemorates those members of the New South Wales Police Force who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the execution of their duty.

The Lancashire Police Record Search website allows you to see if your ancestor was in the police. You can then request further details through the website. The site provides a list of names of police officers, particularly those who served with the Lancashire County Constabulary from the force’s inception in 1840 up to 1925. Visit Read more

Dedicated to the miners of Silverwood in South Yorkshire, the site contains an A-Z list of miners who worked at the mine between 1900-1994. You’ll also find a lot of extra information related to the history of the mine and the people who worked there. Visit Website Read more

For the first time ever, the Crew Lists of the British Merchant Navy from the year 1915 have been digitised and made available to search for free. Find relatives and loved ones via our database of over 39,000 crew lists, featuring over 750,000 names. Visit Website Read more

The North East Railways in World War One project has seen a team of volunteers search through the archive at Head of Steam – Darlington Railway Museum and record over 9,000 railway men who enlisted in the First World War. Visit Website Read more