National Archives Price Changes

I followed a link in Facebook to see the price changes and couldn’t believe the gov speak and jargon I found.

There’s a whole page of fluff about the reasons for the price changes, but the only thing you need to know is that costs (and bonuses) go up, and so do the prices.

However, I was surprised to see that some charges have actually been reduced so it’s not all bad news.

So here in plain English are the price changes at the National Archives in Kew from February 2016.

  • Digital download from +15p to £3.45
  • Self-service copying in the reading rooms +5p to 30p
  • Black and white paper copy -20p to £1.10
  • Colour paper copy
    Up to A3 -60p to £4.90
    Larger than A3 -£4.90 to £10.05
  • Naturalisation certificates +45p to £25.95
  • High-resolution digital scans (from the Image Library) No change £35.00
  • Research (per 15 minutes)  +£2.30 to £27.30 including VAT

There are some other services on offer. You can find the old prices here and the new prices here. Both are PDF documents.

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