Military Records

Search for and view records of seafarers and victims of maritime disasters. The memorial database contains records of over 5000 church, cemetery and public memorials including many important works by prominent sculptors and designers. You can browse memorials by country (England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland), or search for a person’s name or a particular memorial Read more

The Canadian Virtual War Memorial (CVWM) is a registry of the more than 118,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who have given their lives serving Canada or the United Kingdom. It was established to allow all Canadians the opportunity to honour and remember their sacrifices.

During the First World War the Scottish Medical Service Emergency Committee sent out forms to all medical practitioners across Scotland between December 1915 and 1919. The website contains information transcribed from these forms. The type of information given on the forms can be seen in the image below. Visit Website Read more

The War of 1812 Privateers website has the activities of both American and British privateers; including listings of American POWS held in the UK, and British subjects held in the United States. Visit Website Read more

Wales at War is a digital resource for anyone with an interest in the First World War and its impact on communities across Wales. The project will engage pupils between the ages of 10 and 14 in historical research by supporting them to create biographies of the names listed on their local war memorial to Read more

Somerset remembers the First World War by providing researchers lots of material to browse and search. There are lots of war photos and memories, plus you can see some war records including: Absent Voters Lists of Bridgwater and Taunton Taunton Borough Record of War Service Somerset Light Infantry First World War Muster Roll and Casualty Read more