Manchester School Registers

The Manchester School Registers contain records from the following schools.

  • Albert Memorial School
  • Armitage Street Board School
  • Ashton under Lyne Holy Trinity School
  • Birley Street School
  • Brookdale Park School
  • Bury St. John School
  • Chapman Street School
  • Cheetwood Junior and Infant School
  • Chester Street Board School
  • Christ Church School
  • Ducie Technical High School Boys Department
  • Gaythorn County Primary
  • German Street Sunday School
  • Grosvenor Street Wesleyan School
  • Hague Street Primary School
  • Heath Street School
  • Heaton Norris Christ Church School
  • Holland Street Schools
  • Holy Trinity School
  • Manchester Jews School
  • Nelson Street School
  • Oldham St. Mary School
  • Openshaw Technical High School
  • Princess Road School
  • Ross Place School
  • Southall Street School
  • Strangeways
  • South Hulme Secondary Modern School
  • St. Alban’s Roman Catholic Secondary School
  • St. James Church of England School
  • St. Michael’s Roman Catholic School
  • St. Oswald’s Church of England Primary School
  • St. Paul’s School
  • St. Philip Free National School
  • St. Thomas’ School
  • Wenlock Primary School

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