The Leeds General Cemetery Burial Index is a searchable database of all burials from 1835-1992. There are also a few different ways of viewing and sorting the data; you can browse by surname, cause of death or occupation. In addition, you can also browse by father’s surname or mother’s surname. An entry in the database Read more

Find your Yorkshire ancestors, local history and details of their lives with these links to online family history and genealogy resources. Archives Barnsley Archives Leeds Diocesan Archives Sheffield Archives & Local Studies West Yorkshire Archives Births, Marriages, Deaths and Parish Records Halifax BMD 1832-1921 Yorkshire BMD Yorkshire Parish Records Burials & Cemeteries Doncaster Cemetery Burials Read more

You can view Halifax birth, marriage and death records 1832-1921 for free. The records are taken from the Halifax Guardian newspaper and are available in PDF files. Visit Website Read more

You can search and view Wakefield burial records for free. There are many cemeteries from the Wakefield area included. You can search by cemetery or name. Altofts 2000-present Alverthorpe 1955-present Castleford (All Cemeteries) 1979-present Castleford (New Extension) 1929-present Castleford (New) 1884-present Castleford (Old) 1857-present Crigglestone 1882-present Featherstone 1905-present Ferrybridge 1924-present Hemsworth 1896-present Horbury 1897-present Knottingley Read more

Doncaster 1914-1918 is the place to read and/or add stories from WWI. You can view WWI people, places, subjects and timelines. The project encourages Doncaster people and those with connections to the area to research and share their own First World War stories. Visit Website Read more