Western Australia

The Police Gazette of Western Australia 1876-1900 gives you access to lots of information on police and criminals. Information can be found under various headings: apprehensions (name of person arrested, arresting constable, charge and sentence); police appointments, dismissals, discharges, promotions, resignations and transfers; tickets of leave, certificates of freedom, and conditional pardons issued to convicts Read more

Western Australian Post Office Directories are a great source for family historians. It’s possible to see an individual’s name, profession or trade, address or locality. Directories are available for the years 1893-1949. Although it’s not possible to search the directories, it’s easy to find information about individuals by browsing the contents pages. Visit Website Read more

By the time transportation ceased in 1868, just over 9,700 convicts had been transported to Western Australia. The Freemantle Prison Convict Database allows you to search for these convicts by the name of the ship they arrived on or by their surname. There is a lot of information relating to each convict, including their crime Read more

The Western Australia birth, marriage and death registry offers free online historic index searching of births, deaths and marriages from 1841.