Trace your Devon family history and ancestors from the 1500s onwards with this list of genealogy and local history links and resources.

Historical (trade) directories can give you some extra info about your family. You’ll normally be able to see their address and occupation; sometimes more. Devon Historical Directories The university of Leicester has 34 directories online for Devon. Devonshire Directory Pigot’s 1830 Torquay, Paington and neighbourhoods Ashburton 1822-1823 Axminster 1822-1823 Barnstaple 1822-1823 Barnstaple 1870 Bideford 1822-1823 Read more

Plymouth & West Devon Electoral Registers 1780-1983 With these records you can see where ancestors lived at a certain time. In some cases, you can even see which party they voted for Read more

The Devon Calendars of Prisoners 1655-1837 include the details of names, crimes and sentences of those convicted at quarter sessions held by the sheriff of the county or his deputy. Visit Website Read more

Over 100,000 individuals are interred in the three cemeteries managed by Exeter City Council. Scanned alphabetical index cards are available to you. Records from Exwick, Higher and Topsham are indexed and available in PDF format Visit Website Read more