Electoral Registers

Plymouth & West Devon Electoral Registers 1780-1983 With these records you can see where ancestors lived at a certain time. In some cases, you can even see which party they voted for Read more

This collection contains electoral registers captured at the London Metropolitan Archives. The records contain lists of names and addresses of registered voters. The register of persons entitled to vote at any election of a member to serve in parliament, or to serve on the county council of the county of London. The records cover the Read more

Electoral registers are great for finding living relatives. Find out your relatives’ names, approximate ages, addresses and the years they lived at each address. Here are some links for registers for the UK. Electoral Registers UK 1832-1932 with approximately 220 million names of voters. The collection is made available online for the first time in Read more

Find your living relatives with PeopleTracer, which gives you access to the electoral roll 2002-2012 with over 240 million records.

Find living relatives with 192.com. Search the electoral rolls by name and address. A subscription is required to view the records.