Historical Directories

The City of Peterborough, Ontario in partnership with the Peterborough Public Library, the Peterborough Museum and Archives, the Trent Valley Archives and the Trent University Archives, have digitized their joint collection of city and county directories. There are currently 123 directories, ranging in date from 1858 to 2010, available to view and search online.

Historical (trade) directories can give you some extra info about your family. You’ll normally be able to see their address and occupation; sometimes more. Devon Historical Directories The university of Leicester has 34 directories online for Devon. Devonshire Directory Pigot’s 1830 Torquay, Paington and neighbourhoods Ashburton 1822-1823 Axminster 1822-1823 Barnstaple 1822-1823 Barnstaple 1870 Bideford 1822-1823 Read more

Historical Directories of Birmingham can add some important address and occupation information to your family history. Historical Directories of Birmingham Lots of free stuff here White’s history & directory of Birmingham 1849 Birmingham 120 Years Ago A reprint of a directory from 1777 which was published in 1897 with some comparisons between the years. Midlands Read more

A collection of 50 trade and street directories for Leicester and Leicestershire dating from 1790s to 1910s. Directories are an invaluable primary source for historians. They provide first hand data about local communities, their infrastructure and the individuals inhabiting those communities. Published more frequently than the census, directories can also help you fill in any Read more

Dundee historical directories includes the names, places of business, and residences of the prinicipal inhabitants, lists of public institutions, banking and shipping companies, coaches and carriers. Dundee Directory 1809 Dundee Directory 1818 Dundee Directory and General Register 1834 Dundee Directory 1837-1838 Dundee Directory 1842-1843 Dundee Directory 1850 Dundee Directory 1874-1875 Dundee Directory 1878-1879 Dundee Directory Read more