Family Tree Charts

genealogy-chartsFamily tree charts are printed on 19″ x 13″ Wausau Paper® Natural Astroparche® 60 lb. text stock. Attractive design performs a simple method of displaying information in a concise, artistic format. To the experienced genealogist or the beginner, it delivers space to write fraternal and maternal information for each couple:

  • name
  • maiden name
  • born
  • died
  • married
  • resided

The chart’s capacity for up to six generations covers 62 ancestors including:

  1. child or group of siblings
  2. one mother, one father
  3. four grandparents
  4. eight great grandparents
  5. 16 great great grandparents
  6. 32 great great great grandparents

Extra space can be used to jot special notes. Matching paper is available to use as patches or to add seventh generation information in the illustrated border.

The family tree charts are available through which scores extremely positive on feedback. Comments by customers who have already tried them are available to the public by a link on the shop’s home page. They’re saying: “Absolutely beautiful ‘tree’. Our family is really enjoying filling this in and adding memories.”,  “Love!!!!”, “great for new granddaughter”, “Great Printing of a Family Tree and a Wonderful project for our Family Holidays…Thanks for the fast shipping”.

Two charts are sent per single item ordered (buy one get one free). Free shipping is available by special request on larger quantities. Owner and designer Elizabeth Knaus explains,

“I gave a blank chart to my mother and another to my mother-in-law. I asked them to fill in as much as they knew. When I got them back, I filled in the opposite side with the other’s information. This left me with 2 complete charts—one for each of my children. It is important for me to pass on knowledge and the respect I have for my ancestors who gave me life.”

The artwork features a large oak tree with bark textured branches, leaves and acorns. Woodcut style sun and clouds, detailed butterfly, silhouettes of squirrel, birds, boy and dog running in a meadow, all arranged in an aesthetically pleasing, balanced drawing with a retro, vintage antique style having a casual, nature-loving appeal.

The website offers inspiration for using the family tree charts and explains the process of its creation. Blanks are filled in by printing or writing with pen or pencil directly on the chart. This personalizes the piece, making it a special keepsake of handwriting as well as family history information.

Simple to use for anyone—no special skills necessary. The original artistic charts are available to order with credit card or Paypal. For additional information, contact shop owner Elizabeth Knaus through the contact link at

Along with the family tree charts, the Etsy shop also has an eclectic mix of handmade art and other items, original design printed products, vintage items and art/craft supplies.

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