Irish Family history and genealogy forums are a great way to connect with others who are researching the same names as you, and you can get some help breaking down some brick walls. Find My Past Ireland A free message board for for Irish family history RootsChat Ireland Probably the most active forum for Irish Read more

Genealogy Specialists aka Top Dog offers mutual FREE help to each other in tracing ancestors, following family trees and putting the flesh on the skeletons that they discover. Their membership ranges from enthusiastic amateurs to professional genealogists and, if they do not know an answer, they will certainly be able to point people in the Read more

Using genealogy forums can help a lot if you’re looking to connect with other family historians, ask for help finding records and finding answers to your family’s past. RootsChat This is the most popular genealogy and family history forum in the UK. There are almost 200,000 users and more than 4.5 million posts. It’s also More Genealogy Forums

The Manchester Family History Forum aims to help its members with their family history research. Members can help each other to find the resources they need when researching in the areas of Manchester & Salford. You need to register, which is free. Visit Website Read more

Kent History Forum is the place to discuss all things history related in Kent.

GenForum is a genealogy and family history forum which can be viewed by surname or country. Most countries from around the world are represented.