Warwickshire Family History

Genealogy, family history and local history resources and records for tracing your Birmingham and Warwickshire ancestors and family tree.


BMDs and Parish Records

Burials & Cemeteries

  • Birmingham Burials

    The Birmingham Burials website has over 1,500,000 records from 12 cemeteries and crematoria in and around Birmingham, England.

    You can search for burials from the following places:
    Brandwood End cemetery, Handsworth cemetery, Key Hill cemetery, Kings Norton cemetery, Lodge Hill cemetery and crematorium, Quinton cemetery, Sutton Coldfield cemetery, Sutton, Coldfield crematorium, Sutton New Hall cemetery, Warstone Lane cemetery, Witton cemetery, Yardley cemetery and crematorium.

    After searching, you’ll see a list of names with the month/year and place of burial. If you want to view the complete burial record, you’ll need to purchase it from the site. The current cost is £20 for a digital download.

Census, Land & Tax Records

Criminals and Convicts

Electoral Registers

There are millions of records for those eligible to vote. The lists were created annually. The records will tell you how a person is qualified to vote; this could be residence or ownership of property.


  • Birmingham History Forum
    The Birmingham History Forum is an active site which has many topics for family historians and genealogists looking to research their Birmingham ancestors, local and family history.
  • RootsChat Warwickshire

Historical Directories

Historical Directories of Birmingham can add some important address and occupation information to your family history.


Local History


Military Records

Newspaper Archives


Photos and Postcards

School Records

Rugby School Records
Rugby school was founded in 1567 by Lawrence Sheriffe. Until very recently it was a boys school so the records contain only boys names, plus the names of the headmasters.

There are different versions of registers that cover the same years as other versions. They’re included because some contain more information about the students.

Societies and Groups

Workhouses & Poor Law