Northamptonshire Family History

Find your ancestors and research your Northamptonshire family history, genealogy and local history using these resources and online records.


Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials



Electoral Registers

  • Electoral Registers 1910-1932
    Search the names of over 2 million eligible voters in Northamptonshire. The registers can reveal where your ancestor lived and possibly some information about the property.


  • RootsChat Northamptonshire
    Ask a question about your Northamptonshire ancestors or just browse the previous posts to see info and links to help with your research.

Historical Directories

View historical Northamptonshire street directories which might help you find your ancestor’s address and occupation.

Land and Taxes

  • Northamptonshire Freeholders 1795-1797
  • Northamptonshire Hearth Tax 1674
    Search the tax records of over 22,000 individuals across 300 parishes. They are a major source of information for family historians. You will find out where your ancestor was living and the number of hearths found within his/her home will give you a clue to the family’s wealth and status.

Local History


Medical Records

Military Records

School Records