Manchester Family History

This Manchester family history research page links to resources and websites to help you find your Manchester ancestors.


Manchester Archives and Local History

Births, Marriages & Deaths

Greater Manchester Baptisms 1571-1910
Search and view baptism and christening records from the Diocese of Manchester parishes.

Burials & Cemeteries

Manchester Burial Records
Manchester Burial Records has approximately 800,000 records dating back to 1837, relating to Manchester General, Gorton, Philips Park, Blackley and Southern cemeteries, and they are an invaluable historical reference to our past and provide an insight into the lives of our ancestors.
Manchester Cemetery Records
These burial registers cover Ardwick Cemetery, Rusholme Road Cemetery, Cheetham Hill Wesleyan Cemetery, Withington Workhouse (Chorlton Union) death registers 1857-1949 and Withington Workhouse (Chorlton Union) interment registers 1898-1922.
Manchester and Oldham Burials
There are over 250,000 transcripts in these records covering the years 1573-1992.
Manchester General Cemetery Transcription Project
The Manchester General Cemetery Transcription Project is being undertaken by a team of volunteers whose intention is to transcribe as many of the headstones within Manchester General Cemetery as possible before they are lost forever.

Census Records

1939 Register
Manchester Rate Books 1706-1900
Search over nine million names of tax payers to see if they owned or rented a property. The information includes: Name of occupier (head of household), name of owner, description of the property (house or business), street address/township/parish, rate to be paid (e.g. poor rate, water rate), amount to be paid, date paid or any default on payment.
UK Census 1841-1911

Criminals & Convicts

Manchester Prison Registers 1847-1881
Search 247,765 records covering the period 1847-1881. Belle Vue Prison, Hyde Road, West Gorton (City/Borough Gaol).

Electoral Registers

Manchester Electoral Registers 1832-1900
The Manchester Electoral Registers 1832-1900, include both the registers for local government elections, Citizens’ Rolls and Burgess Rolls, and the registers for Parliamentary Elections, Parliamentary Electoral Registers. The registers recorded a person’s name, address and why they qualified for a vote – what type of property they owned or rented.


Manchester & Salford Family History Forum
A great place to find Manchester resources and request help with your research.

Historical Directories

Lancashire Historical Directories
Listing of the directories available for Lancashire with plenty of coverage for Manchester.

Local History

Manchester History
Manchester Old & New 1874
Memorials of Manchester Streets 1874
Mediaeval Manchester and the Beginnings of Lancashire
An old book available online describing the founding and history of the city.


Old Maps of Manchester
Ordnance Survey maps of Manchester from the nineteenth century.

Military Records

British Military Records
Manchester Employers’ Roll Of Honour 1914-1916
Search more than 63,000 names in a listing of Manchester companies and the men working for those companies who served in some capacity during World War One.

Newspaper Archives

British Newspaper Collection 1710-1953


Lost Pubs of Manchester
Manchester Apprentices
Manchester Police Index 1812-1941
Search 10,636 records available here to discover whether you ancestor was a member of the Manchester police force between 1858-1941. Read personal details about them, including a physical description, their religion and marital status, as well as information about their career history.

School and University Records

Manchester School Registers
The Manchester School Registers contain records from the following schools:
– Albert Memorial School
– Armitage Street Board School
– Ashton under Lyne Holy Trinity School
– Birley Street School
– Brookdale Park School
– Bury St. John School
– Chapman Street School
– Cheetwood Junior and Infant School
– Chester Street Board School
– Christ Church School
– Ducie Technical High School Boys Department
– Gaythorn County Primary
– German Street Sunday School
– Grosvenor Street Wesleyan School
– Hague Street Primary School
– Heath Street School
– Heaton Norris Christ Church School
– Holland Street Schools
– Holy Trinity School
– Manchester Jews School
– Nelson Street School
– Oldham St. Mary School
– Openshaw Technical High School
– Princess Road School
– Ross Place School
– Southall Street School
– Strangeways
– South Hulme Secondary Modern School
– St. Alban’s Roman Catholic Secondary School
– St. James Church of England School
– St. Michael’s Roman Catholic School
– St. Oswald’s Church of England Primary School
– St. Paul’s School
– St. Philip Free National School
– St. Thomas’ School
– Wenlock Primary School
The Victoria University of Manchester: Register of Graduates up to 1908

Societies & Groups

Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society