Canada Genealogy Records

Find your Canadian ancestors, local history and details of their lives with these links to online family history and genealogy resources.

General Family History Websites

  • Can Genealogy
    Dave Obee’s recommended links for genealogy research in Canada.


  • Archives Canada
    In homes, schools and libraries across Canada, people are looking for evidence of what it means to be a Canadian. is a gateway to archival resources found in over 800 repositories across Canada–it’s your gateway to Canada’s collective memory!
  • Library and Archives Canada
    As the custodian of our distant past and recent history, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is a key resource for all Canadians who wish to gain a better understanding of who they are, individually and collectively. LAC acquires, processes, preserves and provides access to our documentary heritage and serves as the continuing memory of the Government of Canada and its institutions.

Burials & Cemeteries

  • Canadian Cemetery Directory
    CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Project currently offers a free and searchable listing of over 18,000 known Canadian cemeteries.
  • Canadian Headstones
    This photo project has almost 2 million gravestone photos from all across Canada.

Census Records

  • Census of Canada, 1901
    Free access to the Canada Census 1901 which includes 5,371,315 individuals from British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Territories. The 1901 census was the fourth scheduled collection of national statistics, and it began on 31st March 1901.


  • Canadian Naturalization 1915-1951
    The Canadian Naturalization database contains references to people who applied for and received status as naturalized Canadians from 1915 to 1951.

Newspaper Archives

  • Canada Gazette
    Often referred to as “the official newspaper of the Government of Canada,” the Canada Gazette has been an important instrument in the Canadian democratic process for more than 160 years. The database comprises images taken from microfilm, microfiche and rare original copies of the Gazette held by LAC.


    Recent obituaries from over 1000 American and Canadian newspapers.

War Memorials

  • Canadian Virtual War Memorial
    The Canadian Virtual War Memorial (CVWM) is a registry of the more than 118,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who have given their lives serving Canada or the United Kingdom. It was established to allow all Canadians the opportunity to honour and remember their sacrifices.
    The names in the CVWM are the same names contained in the Books of Remembrance which records those who have died in battle or as a result of their injuries from battle. The CVWM provides information about each individual’s gravesite, any memorials and other information.